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New Sounds: Fire The Sun

firethesunA new recommendation for today, October 30th is the Southern California melodic hardcore punk band, Fire The Sun. The Ventura, CA. band just released their debut independent full length “An Evolution in the Creation of a New Self Being” via NoiseTrade that you can check out and download for FREE below. The album has that perfect combination of harsh, aggressive, hardcore tone mixed with melodic, fast and furious punk beats. It’s rough and raw yet great production for an independent band via Paul Miner (Thrice, Atreyu, New Found Glory, Throwdown, Death By Stereo, etc). Their sound takes on variance all it’s own and straddles the line between both punk and hardcore much the way bands like Death By Stereo, Thrice, Rise Against, Strongarm, Stretch Arm Strong, were doing more than a decade ago. It’s that old school inspired sound that keeps it interesting and yet current enough to keep it from being boring. These guys are spirit filled and certainly aren’t ashamed to say so. So check out this new album and also make sure you download the Strongarm “cover” of “Stand Together” right here.

Revivalist Releases New “Free” Ep via HM Mag

revivalistbrotherThe band Revivalist has released their brand new ep titled “Brother” via HM Mag and you can download all of it’s tasty old school inspired hardcore goodness right here for FREE! Make sure you stream the album at the link above as well, it pretty much rules and is a great starting point for all things On the Attack Records. If you want a physical copy of this album, click here.

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