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Another Trip to the Hospital

It’s unfortunate to report to all of you today that last night my wife, Charis, was admitted to the hospital yet again. This time because of a violent seizure and complications from it. Please read more about our struggles over on Charis’s CaringBridge page here. #PrayforCharis

My Wife Charis and Her Surgery


If you’ve been following me on Facebook/Twitter, you may have heard about my wife Charis’s struggle the past few months, trying to regain her lost sense of self from a stroke and subsequent Brain surgery that followed. Well, nearly 3 months later after the initial Brain surgery, Charis has finally had her skull reattachment surgery (Crainioplasty) as of yesterday. I praise God every moment I have to spend with her and the past few months have been a total blessing. Just getting to drive with her every morning to her Brain Rehab center, talking about life and passions, is just a remarkable thing. She has come such a long way in such a short amount of time. Her surgery yesterday went off without a hitch. We were all so anxious the whole time but I knew God had bigger plans for her (and all of us). Rather than re-post all of what happened to her and her surgery, I’ll just link up the CaringBridge update I posted this morning. Click here for that. Thank you all for your support and for reading up on our struggles the past several months. God Bless!

A Day in the Life: October 2014

Hi friends, welcome to my first official “blog post” here on Freedom Like a Song. I am going to label all my personal blogs as “A Day in the Life” and just kind of sum up what has been going on at that particular moment, a snapshot if you will. So here we go.

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