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30 Underground Faith Based Releases of the 90’s I Can’t Live Without

I have been reading quite a few “lists” lately and it has inspired me to create my own for fun. I get tired of reading the same lame ones by some “bigger” websites and this is my chance to expand upon the topic. Enjoy the list below. Also, take that Relevant Magazine 😉 [Update: March 29th – Now featuring music/videos of each artist embedded in post below]

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B is Bridgie – The Other Night

I’ve been following this indie pop rock group, B is Bridgie, since their inception and I am excited to share with you their brand new music video. This group features Jonathan Caro who has played with some fairly well known groups over the past several decades including bands such as Bloodshed, Stairwell, Pilot Whale, My Compatriots, among others. His wife, Kim Caro, is on lead vocals. Their sound is reminiscent of groups like Morella’s Forest, Rainer Maria, and The Rocking Horse Winner, even a bit of Stairwell shines through. I encourage you to check them out and pick up their latest ep “500 Words” on bandcamp. Support independent music. #freedomlikeasong

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