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15 Years and the End

It seems like an eternity. The passing of time while running one of the most underrated and diy independent music websites known to man (major exaggeration), seems but a glimpse to the naked eye compared to the years spent here on Earth. I have had my fair share of highs and lows while running Indie Vision Music, dating all the way back to the year 2000 when I established that very site. Read on for the full story….

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MxPx with Five Iron Frenzy and Slick Shoes July 24th and 25th Orange County, CA.

The show we’ve all been waiting for is happening this July here in Orange County, CA. I am hoping I can actually go to this show and that things stay relatively normal on our end so that I can go with my eldest son. I think this is going to be an explosive evening full of memorable sing-a-longs and in your face punk rawk action. Word on the streets is that someone will be filming this entire show and that it’ll be released sometime in the near future. With this show comes hope that another band will reunite and that band is Dogwood. I have hijacked the @DogwoodReunion Twitter account and run the Facebook page, trying to build momentum to have Dogwood added to this show. All you fans out there tweet out #DogwoodReunion and tag @DogwoodReunion on Twitter. Poster for this show can be found below. Tickets go on sale this coming Friday, April 17th at 12pm PST. Show is at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. (the old Galaxy Concert Theater).

Mxpx - Five Iron Frenzy - Slick Shoes July 24th and 25th at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.

The Prayer Chain to Press “Mercury” On Double Vinyl For 20th Anniversary

The Prayer Chain 1995 alt-rock masterpiece, “Mercury”, is getting the (double) vinyl treatment. The group is looking to raise $3000 to cover the cost of pressing these vinyl records. Check out the kickstarter campaign right here. You can listen to the album below.

Future of IVM…..

Statement on the future of my website, Indie Vision, coming April 6th at 7am PST. All your questions will be answered. Thank you all for the support!

30 Underground Faith Based Releases of the 90’s I Can’t Live Without

I have been reading quite a few “lists” lately and it has inspired me to create my own for fun. I get tired of reading the same lame ones by some “bigger” websites and this is my chance to expand upon the topic. Enjoy the list below. Also, take that Relevant Magazine ūüėČ [Update: March 29th – Now featuring music/videos of each artist embedded in post below]

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New Sounds: Brookhurst

A new band has arisen. That band with their heavy punk leaning sound has come out strong with their debut “Self Titled” full length. The band is called Brookhurst and would be recommended to fans of Over It, Much the Same, Craig’s Brother, Slick Shoes, and Inspection 12. The group actually features members of Craig’s Brother, Hey Mike, Goodbye Valentine. They are from Los Angeles and hold true to that sunny California punk sound so many bands aim to create. If you’re searching for the next punk rock band to call yourself a fan of, look no further than Brookhurst. Listen to the album below and pick it up wherever fine digital music is sold (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp).

The Weighty Pursuit of Teenage Dreams and Other Encounters – Part 1

Pondering some recent comments by friends on social media and reading this blog¬†had me thinking today about something much more important than spreadsheets and popular demographics. Just what have we all done to the “Classic”? The albums, the artists, the underdogs, the ones forgotten about through the sands of time and passing of years. Why must “Christian” music forget it’s important¬†fundamental¬†music roots in pursuit of that elusive passing of fame? This is my story, my passing through¬†those¬†youthful years and the hopeful yearning for a new passionate form of underground music with heart. I hope you’ll join with me in reminiscing about history and my somewhat minuscule involvement. This is Part 1 of a several part series. Mostly existing from the years 1996-1997 and before I quit it all to join that blissful matrimony between my loving girlfriend and I.

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Brandon’s Best of 2014


My Best of 2014 List. It’s a few weeks late but worth a read. Sorry this took me so long. Thanks to all the bands who in 2014, created some music that elevated my mood and helped me get through a very difficult period in life. Read on for the huge list of my favorite albums/eps of 2014.

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Five Iron Frenzy – So Far

Five Iron Frenzy have launched their brand new music video for the track “So Far” off their latest album, “Engine of a Million Plots” which is available now. Check out the video below. Make sure you head over to their webstore here and check out the latest merch.

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My Wife Charis and Her Surgery


If you’ve been following me on Facebook/Twitter, you may have heard about my wife Charis’s struggle the past few months, trying to regain her lost sense of self from a stroke and subsequent Brain surgery that followed. Well, nearly 3 months later after the initial Brain surgery, Charis has finally had her skull reattachment surgery (Crainioplasty) as of yesterday. I praise God every moment I have to spend with her and the past few months have been a total blessing. Just getting to drive with her every morning to her Brain Rehab center, talking about life and passions, is just a remarkable thing. She has come such a long way in such a short amount of time. Her surgery yesterday went off without a hitch. We were all so anxious the whole time but I knew God had bigger plans for her (and all of us). Rather than re-post all of what happened to her and her surgery, I’ll just link up the CaringBridge update I posted this morning. Click here for that. Thank you all for your support and for reading up on our struggles the past several months. God Bless!

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