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Five Iron Frenzy – So Far

Five Iron Frenzy have launched their brand new music video for the track “So Far” off their latest album, “Engine of a Million Plots” which is available now. Check out the video below. Make sure you head over to their webstore here and check out the latest merch.

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New Sounds: Islander


This band I’ve been spinning lately I just found out, has a spiritual side (read interview). While that is not a prerequisite for listening, it certainly makes for deeper subject matter and a slight touch of more substance to songs that may otherwise be considered aggressive, angry tunes. This is of course for those that listen at face value and don’t dig deeper into the music. Some of those from an older generation may hear aggressive music and immediately peg them as some angry youngsters, hell bent on terrorizing planet Earth with a diabolical plan for world domination. lol. I think you know what I am getting at. The spiritual subject matter here and deeply personal songs, are meant to engage the listener. The band’s ferocious and passionate music can and will please fans of P.O.D, Deftones, Spoken, Ignite, Downset, and A Day to Remember (slightly). So check out their video for “Count Dracula” and pick up the band’s latest album “Violence & Destruction” on all Digital networks or on CD.

New Sounds: ForeverAtLast

I’ve been browsing the net and came across this great female fronted punk rock band called ForeverAtLast from Indianapolis, Indiana and as expected, they RULE! You can watch a studio video for “Mr Whitecoat” above. Check out ForeverAtLast on Facebook / Twitter. Check out their 2012 album here on iTunes. Check out an older video for their song “Paper Hospital”, below.


B is Bridgie – The Other Night

I’ve been following this indie pop rock group, B is Bridgie, since their inception and I am excited to share with you their brand new music video. This group features Jonathan Caro who has played with some fairly well known groups over the past several decades including bands such as Bloodshed, Stairwell, Pilot Whale, My Compatriots, among others. His wife, Kim Caro, is on lead vocals. Their sound is reminiscent of groups like Morella’s Forest, Rainer Maria, and The Rocking Horse Winner, even a bit of Stairwell shines through. I encourage you to check them out and pick up their latest ep “500 Words” on bandcamp. Support independent music. #freedomlikeasong

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