Flashback Writing: Progressive Safety (2005)

I spent some time digging through old files on my PC thanks to years of old back ups and found some interesting finds. One such find was this little poetic writing if you can call it that, which I wrote in 2005. As is evidenced by the tone, I must have been under somewhat of a BiPolar high at the time of writing. I also found a few other “articles” I wrote around this same time period. Some are laughable, some are questionable, some might make you think, or not. haha.

Progressive Safety

Written by: Brandon Jones in 2005


Just what is safety? A safe haven, a box built, chains locked. Learning to unlearn. It must be challenging to be unchallenged. Distorted self taught justification. Years of mindless games. Unknowing crowds gather in pursuit of a common safety. Troubling it is, frustrating is what it’s become. Safety from troubles. Safety from challenge. Safe in the flow. Safe in the grain. Safe in the gain. Unpolished we’ve become. Afraid to ever make a stand, to ever encourage. Knives exposed for what they are. Pierced flesh forgotten. Instead we pierce the flesh. We expose a hidden truth. Death is in crowds. Death gathers to what is known, what is trusted. You can’t hide from Truth. You can’t chase what is already known. To be alone with fire in a gathering is but a noble desire. Idealism extinguished. Idealistic minds stabbed through. No fist in the back of popular thought. To stand alone is the most feared place. Watching eyes wait..wait…for a downfall. An anticipated decline towards the mouths of discontent. Uncomfortable we stand without passion. Without a breath to speak. Worn we’ve become. Dark shaded tombs of yesteryear. Days gone by, weeks turn to months and months toward years. Growth is stunted. Growing in reverse. I can see the end. I see shadows and I see death. I see the marketplace of ill will. Numbers marked by crooked smiles. Hearts turned to black. Death is in crowds. Popular thought is so easy. Easement with resent. We resent our pasts. We’ll resent the future. Progression towards darkness. Darkness has consumed. Our minds destroyed by what is safe. Shadows gather in crowds. A pack of wolves waiting to tear the flesh off what we’ve done. What we’ve accomplished. Look at what we’ve done. To travel far in what direction? What direction have we come? What path has been set? The road too narrow to pass. In a state of disillusionment we are. What is true and what is known can sometimes be manufactured. Manufactured smiles. Choices, choices, choices. We choose death because in death is safety. Safety in shadows. Safety without fear. What we fear is fear itself. Safety in numbers? Oh you bet your life on it. I see it now, so clearly. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. We’re leading in the wrong direction. Youth so young, so pure. Smash it all to pieces. You manipulate, you create. You justify. Teaching to sway. Oh, we know. Some will not follow your foolish games. It’ll all end someday. We’ll stand in judgment. Together though, we created these mistakes. Holding hands down the hole. Can you save us now? Hear our cries, hear our pleas. We seek love. Love in what is trusted. Love is blind. Love conquers all. Start the embrace, ready to follow. Life anew. Alone we stand with zeal. Without fear we follow. No worry for who gathers in shadows. Life is a steady goal. Truth is our goal. Truth is our pursuit. Markets can’t dictate our Truth. Power in numbers. Powers to change. Destroy the margin of profit. Destroy the ignorant charts. Destroy the illness of mind. Destroy the disease of self pursuit. History writes itself. You write the conclusion to your life. Will you look back with resent? Will you chase forward in victory? Did you embrace? Is the groundwork laid? Tiles of travels we walk. We know what to do, we know with what vision. The question is, where will you be when it’s all over? When you spawned a new generation, where will they put you to rest? Is it all over when it hasn’t even begun? With a suit and tie we’ll lie with either a smile or a frown. Safety in numbers? Was it all worth it? Did the airwaves produce your goal? Did the written words strike your chords? What was your frequency? Was the voice of reason drown out in the flood? The flood of reason flowing by with your life. Time ticks, ticks, ticks away. Grain of sand falls. Was it all worth it in the end? Just what is safety? Ask yourself. Is it what you want. Ask yourself. Just what is safety?

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